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Plant-based packaging

You'll find no plastic in our products.

After using regular, plastic yogurt containers for the first few months, we realized that we were contributing to the problem of littering the environment with plastics that do not decompose, plus potentially adding chemicals that leak from plastic into food!​


Now, our yogurts are all in plant-based packaging from Good Natured Products that return to nature via composting and contain no harsh chemicals. Good Natured is a local, Vancouver-based company that makes food packaging products that are biodegradable, use more renewable resources + less fossil fuel, and are free of chemicals of concern.

Good for you, good for the planet. <3


Our Guernsey cows

Our Guernsey cows are a heritage breed of dairy cow with origins on the small island of Guernsey on the English Channel between England and France. They're typically fawn-coloured with beautiful white markings, and are known for their gentle, easygoing nature.

And their milk? It's "liquid gold". :) It's famous for its rich, golden-yellow colour due to the high amounts of beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A. In addition, it has a high butterfat & protein content and has an exceptional flavour. (Made even better due to our Guernsey cows being grass-fed and organic!) Come try some for yourself from our milk dispenser at our Promise Valley Farm store in the beautiful Cowichan Valley.

Each cow has her own, unique personality. "Meet" our milking cows by clicking on the button below!


The A2 beta-casein protein

Did you know that our heritage Guernsey cows only carry the A2 beta-casein protein? 

The primary protein in cows' milk is known as beta-casein. Those are known as the A1 or A2 form, with the majority of cows producing both forms. Our cows only produce the A2 protein.

A2 milk has several benefits: the most well-researched one is that it causes fewer digestive issues. A2 milk is easier to digest in humans, leading to less discomfort than after drinking A1 milk. Some people who think that they're lactose intolerant are actually reacting to the A1 protein, and find that their symptoms disappear after drinking A2 milk. 

Besides these two different types of protein, A1 and A2 milk is nutritionally identical.


Certified organic

We're proud to be the first & only certified organic dairy farm on Vancouver Island!

Organic dairy products have been available on Vancouver Island for many years; however, up until now, those dairy products had to be produced & processed on the Mainland of BC and shipped to the Island. Promise Valley Farm & Creamery has made it possible to access certified organic dairy products that are both produced & processed right here on the Island!

What does it mean to be certified organic? There are two main components involved: land in use and the cows.


The transition of land to certified organic is a three-year process, whereby the land used for pasture & to produce feed for the cows must not have any synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides or herbicides used on it for a minimum of those three years. For the cows, they must be managed under organic principles for a twelve-month period: this means that the space requirements must be met, pasture access granted between April and October (weather permitting), as well as no synthetic reproductive hormone use and certified organic forage & grains fed.

Overall, the organic standard is complex and comprehensive, but certified organic means that a third party has verified our compliance to that organic standard. For Promise Valley Farm, that third party governing body is Ecocert Canada. Each year, an audit is performed to make sure that we are following that organic standard. 

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