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  • Do you offer tours?
    At this time we do not offer guided tours; however, we are happy to answer your questions. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our mailing list to hear our latest news.
  • What does milk-on-tap mean?
    Our cream-top milk is available during our open hours through a cash-operated milk dispenser at $4/litre. Glass milk bottles are sold from the farm store (or you are welcome to bring your own). If it's your first time using the milk dispenser, we're happy to show you the easy steps to get your milk.
  • What is A2 milk?
    A2 milk is often more digestible and comfortable to consume for those with dairy sensitivities. The main protein in milk, beta-case, has two variations: A1 and A2. A1 casein has been found to cause discomfort and various negative side effects in some people, so switching to A2 milk may be a way to safely enjoy dairy. All our cows have been genetically tested and verified to produce only A2 milk. For a more detailed description of A2 milk see this article.
  • Do you sell butter or cream?
    We do not offer butter or cream. However, our whole-fat, non-homogenized Guernsey milk features a beautiful layer of golden cream on top when left in the fridge. This can be skimmed off by hand for excellent table cream.
  • Do you sell raw milk?
    In accordance with Canadian law, we cannot sell raw milk. However, our whole-fat, cream-top, grassfed Guernsey milk is gently low-temperature, small-batch pasteurized to maintain its fresh wholesome goodness.
  • Are you organic?
    Yes, we are! Organic farming is very important to us and affects every aspect of our operation from field work, grazing our cows, animal husbandry, to our processing practices and product quality. Find our more about organic farming in Canada here.
  • Are your cows grassfed?
    Yes, our cows graze on our pastures from Spring until Fall. When the grass goes dormant and the fields become too wet, our cows enjoy their cozy warm barns and eat both hay and silage (fermented grass) from our own fields all winter long.
  • Why did you choose Guernsey cows?
    We fell in love with the Guernsey breed after being introduced to them at a farm in Washington State. Guernseys are a heritage breed from Great Britain that have a medium build, soft red patches, and gentle curious temperments. Their milk is known for its rich flavour and golden colour due to its high percentage of cream and protein and above-average levels of beta-carotene. Many people also find Guernsey milk easier to digest because, like some other heritage breeds, they predominantly produce milk that consists of A2-A2 casein (protein) strands rather than A1-A1. The more common A1 proteins can lead to irritation in some dairy-sensitive individuals. Our cows are all genetically tested and verified to produce 100% A2-A2 milk.
  • When can I come get milk from the milk dispenser?
    The milk dispenser is open during farm store hours: Thursdays to Saturdays, 10am-5pm.
  • Where can I buy your products?
    Our farm store carries our yogurt and milk. You can also find a selection of products we love from local companies, such as soap, tea, coffee, jams, and honey. Additionally, our yogurt can be found at local retailers including The Community Farm Store, Country Grocer, Great Greens Market, Sweet Meadows Market, Lifestyle Markets (in Victoria), Urban Grocer (in Victoria), The Market on Yates and Millstream, Pomme Naturals (in Nanaimo), Naked Naturals (in Parksville and Qualicum Beach) and online at Cowichan Milk Company ( and the COW-OP (
  • Do you accept Interac/visa?
    Yes, we accept all methods of payment.
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