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Promise Valley


Promise Valley Farm & Creamery is a small, family-run organic dairy farm in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. We produce grass-fed, cream-top A2A2 milk and yogurt from our own herd of heritage Guernsey cows.


Our products

Price list:

Yogurt (625ml):

Plain $7.50

Honey $7.50

Vanilla Bean $7.50

Lemon $7.50

Solid dish soap available at the farm store.
Cane sugar from Lockwood Farms.

Visit our farm store at 7088 Richard's Trail in Duncan to get your milk + yogurt, and some of our favourite local products!

The Farm Store

Local goodies at the Promise Valley Farm Store.
Local fair-trade coffee available at the farm store.

Where to find our products

Our yogurts are available at several locations in the Cowichan Valley, such as the Community Farm Store and Great Greens.


You can also find our products south of us (e.g. Lifestyle Markets in Victoria) and north (e.g. Country Grocer in Nanaimo. Our newest location is Pomme Natural Market in Nanaimo!

Visit our Retailers page for the full list of locations.

We also sell through Cowichan Milk Company ( and Cow-op (

What people are saying


"Hey. Just wanted to sent a note to say I'm so happy I found your farm! I've been milk protein intolerant for 18 years following a GI infection and after years of not being able to eat dairy the A2 milk brand showed up. And then I found your product which has brought so much happiness into my life! Lol I live on the lower mainland so I'm unable to buy your products regularly (nowhere down there sells any A2 products aside from milk) but my mom lives on the north island so I will be loading up on my travels thru Nanaimo. Thank you for existing!!!

— Kristine


I just bought your plain yogurt at Country Grocer for the first time. OMG!!! It is the best yogurt I have ever tasted, bar none! And it's locally produced, AND it appears that your guernsey cows are treated humanely and are grass fed. I am a devoted fan! I hope production continues for years into the future!

— Cindy Wilson


Want to find out our favourite recipes? Or to learn more about us and our products? Check out our blog!


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