Fresh whole milk-on-tap

Our philosophy is that healthy, happy, cows make the most delicious, wholesome milk. Our Guernsey milk is whole (4.6% butterfat), cream-top, low-temperature pasteurized, grass fed, and fresh for the best flavour and quality possible. 

Find it at our farm store milk-dispenser where you can fill your own re-useable bottle or purchase a signature glass bottle.

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Promise Valley Farm Yogurt on table.jpg


Thick & Creamy

Our cream-top yogurt comes in Vanilla Bean, Wildflower Honey, and Balkan style. We use traditional methods with no added thickeners, preservatives, or artificial flavours. Our premium yogurt great in a smoothy, with granola, with Mediterranean food, in salad dressing, and much more. 


750ml tubs are available at our farm store.


Freshly Baked 

Our fresh, crispy granola pairs perfectly with our yogurt as a delicious breakfast or snack. Made with organic, Canadian oats and a signature blend of nuts  and grains, lightly sweetened with organic maple syrup, it's the best way to start the day.