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Our grass-fed, organic Guernsey milk

"Hands down the tastiest, cleanest most nourishing milk I’ve ever had the opportunity to drink. Very grateful for this farm!"

-Asia K.


Creamy A2A2 Organic Whole Milk

Quality milk starts with happy, healthy cows.

Our delicious, creamy and organic A2A2 milk comes only from our own herd of grass-fed, heritage Guernsey cows that roam our organic pastures here at Promise Valley Farm. We milk them twice per day in the milking parlour, from where the milk is low-temperature pasteurized and non-homogenized. This means that the cream rises naturally to the top for you to shake back in, or scoop off to use for other recipes, such as to churn into butter.

Our milk is great for lattes, milkshakes, and for use in any recipe that requires milk. We add no preservatives or additives, ensuring that you get the cleanest, most nutritious, and simply highest quality milk possible.


Our milk is available "on tap" from our milk dispenser at the farm store. To fill up a bottle, bring your own bottle with you, or purchase a signature 1-litre glass bottle for $5, which is yours to keep and bring back to refill during your next visit. ​



*Note: our milk is only available on-farm through our milk dispenser. We do not wholesale our milk at this time.

Our cream-top yogurts

"I have been eating yogurt for more than 50 years and I grew up on a farm in central Sask. so we always had dairy fresh and raw. I purchased your yogurt here in Lake Cowichan last week and I have to say this is the best I have ever tasted with the exception in Greece in the 70's. I love it and also fed a small amount to our dog who lapped it up and wanted more. I just wanted to tell you congratulations on how you practise your farming and the excellent product you have provided for my enjoyment."


Our Cream-Top Yogurt

Our creamy A2A2 yogurts are made from our delicious whole milk without the addition of any fillers, preservatives, or additives. 

Find them at our farm store, or at many stores on Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, and the Lower Mainland (through Crop Drop), e.g. Country Grocer, Naked Naturals, and Urban Grocer.


Our yogurts come in four delicious flavours:

Plain. This flavour has no added sugar or honey, so it is perfect for those trying to minimize their sugar intake. 


Honey. Our honey yogurt has a slightly sweet taste from the organic honey that we use as a sweetener.


Vanilla Bean. Flavoured with vanilla extract, this is the perfect dessert yogurt. Eat with granola or add to yogurt pancakes to give them an extra boost of flavour.


Lemon. Another delicious dessert yogurt with a touch of citrus.


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